It is a surgery done to treat aperforation in the ear drum and middle ear problems.

Primary Health Care

This is a surgery performed to reconstruct a perforated tympanic membrane (hole in the eardrum) , remove the disease from the middle part of the ear and repair the small bones of the middle ear. Ear drums are most commonly perforated due to a chronic ear infection. Ear infections usually manifest as an ear discharge associated with a decreased hearing. Eardrums may also be perforated as a result of trauma, such as an object in the ear, a slap on the ear, or an explosion. The perforated eardrum is repaired by means of grafting. Grafts for repair are taken from fascia behind the ear, or a vein or cartilage from in front of the ear. Materials such as cartilage from the patient or a prosthesis are used to repair bones of the middle ear.