These surgeries are indicated in voice problems due to vocal cord polyps, cysts, growths, etc . which impede the vibration of the vocal cord that is needed for voice production.

Primary Health Care

Microscopic voice surgery, otherwise known as microlaryngeal surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure used to correct voice disorders, speaking or breathing difficulties or other problems affecting the larynx. The larynx is located in the front of the neck and helps us breathe, swallow and speak as it controls the opening and closing of the windpipe. The larynx is also where the vocal cords are found. Microscopic voice surgery may be determined to be the best course of treatment after diagnostic testing and examinations have discovered the source of a persistent cough, hoarseness or various voice problems. This procedure is commonly used to treat conditions such as lesions, cysts, benign tumors and granulomas by removing the abnormal growths on the larynx. Microscopic voice surgery is performed with a laryngoscope, a cylindrical tubing device that is placed in the patient’s mouth and directed to the vocal cords. An operating microscope is used to greatly magnify the vocal folds and it allows the doctor to visually examine the area while operating on it. Tiny instruments are inserted through the laryngoscope and used to perform the procedure, and no incisions are needed.